Tuesday, February 24, 2015

beach proposal

Late last year I had the privilege of capturing the engagement of my friends Allison and Alec. Allison is the first of my group of friends who I've known since childhood to get married.  Alec asked me to photograph the big moment. I was hidden away in the dunes waiting for the big moment.  What fun.  As you can see, the weather cooperated and we had beautiful light.  And of course...she said "Yes!" 

From Allison's vantage point, everything went off without a hitch.n my side of the dunes, things were a bit more wild. Alec had told me ahead of time exactly where he and Allison were going to stand, so I could figure where to hide. 

But when I saw them approaching they walked right by. I had a brief panic attack, before army crawling through the dunes in a courageous attempt to A. keep my camera gear out of the sand, and B. stay hidden. After settling down again, and taking brief break to pick off a few of the innumerable sand-burrs now impaling me, I noticed that the happy couple had turned around and were headed back to their original spot.
 I was able to make it back in time, but I probably still have a sand-burr somewhere in my skin, and I'm pretty sure my shoes still have sand in them.
 Then he waited forever because there were people walking by...
 But he wasn't going to miss his opportunity. 

Then just as in all the stories they walked, and danced, into the sunset. 




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