Monday, April 16, 2012

The Red Heads

Last week I enjoyed the beach while shooting these two lovely redheads, Alysa and Karysa. 

It was quite chilly and windy, but mean old me wouldn't let them wear any coats!

And thank you Emily for holding my reflector 

Why is it that redheads generally have more freckles than brunettes or blondes? 

I rather like them. 

Their usual facial expression, laughing!

The water was beautiful that day, it was a lovely blue green color and was crystal clear

I wanted at least some shots in the shade but since the beach does not offer that, I used the reflecter as a sunblocker instead. 

The light was so pretty that I hardly had to do any color editing. I played around with this one but not sure I like it. 

You can't go to the beach and not at least get a little wet. So after I was done I "posed" them in the water with Emily standing nearby and had them splash Emily. 

Emily just loved it too. : )

And after one person gets splashed, it turns into splash wars

 The girls were not thrilled to have their pictures taken, but they said splashing Emily and each other made it all worthwhile. 




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