Monday, March 26, 2012


These past few months I haven't done much updating but I intend to change that! I have some more shoots planned and also did a 3 day photography course on babies so I hope to start doing maternity and babies. 

But for now I'll update you on my personal life, last month I went to Paris, France. The Paris. The dreamy Paris. And I loved it. Seeing the Eiffel tower sparkle at night is unlike anything else, it feels like you stepped into a book or movie. 

Here are a couple glimpses of my trip. To see more visit my personal blog: My Maiden Voyage

Notre Dame's gargoyles

I had only heard about the wonders of the palace of Versailles, no one mentioned the incredible gardens!

Sunset in Paris. 

And of course we couldn't visit Paris without see her! The one and only Mona Lisa.

Arc de Triumph

On our last night in Paris we saw the Eiffel Tower, it completely exceeded my expectations.
 Paris at its best!


Jalal Hameed said...

Nice photos of Paris. In September last year I also visited Paris and shot countless photos of Paris and its landmarks. Beautiful city - Paris



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