Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Judah and Heather

Quite possibly, this love story happened because of a horse accident. Judah and Heather's families live in Mongolia. Almost 10 years ago Judah's brother had a serious head injury while horseback riding. He was airlifted out of the country for emergency treatment. During this time Judah and his other siblings went to live with Heather's family. In this context Judah began to know Heather.

Years later Judah asked Heather's Dad to begin a relationship with her

Heather's dad allowed this, but unlike most relationships, Judah and Heather's parents read all their e-mails to each other

Judah and Heather welcomed their parent's advice. After all, their parents had been married many years, and Heather and Judah hadn't!

Soon, the correspondence turned into a courtship, a time to decide if it was God's will for them to spend the rest of their lives together. Their first date was at the most amazing Indian restaurant in the world, Hazaaras (I can personally vouch for this because our family ate there with Heather's family when we visited them in Mongolia).

They continued to talk and write, since they were across the world from each other (at this point Judah was living in the states while Heather was at home in Mongolia).

Break in story: There was a horse head fiddler at the wedding. This wedding wins the "best music" award of any wedding I have been to! This instrument is the national instrument of Mongolia

She came to visit him in June 2010

I saw her in June too. :)

And when she said goodbye to Judah, she had a diamond ring on her hand!

Because of their families' schedules they had a 14-month engagement. 

Despite how hard it was to wait, this time gave them more time to learn about each other and to pray.

Then finally the time arrived, tons of friends came into town for a big long party. :)

And by the end of it they were hitched!

Enjoy your life serving God together Judah and Heather!




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