Friday, June 24, 2011

Jeffrey and Maryfrances

Maryfrances is a very dear friend of mine and she married the love of her life, Jeffrey, two weeks ago. All of Jeffrey and Maryfrances' friends knew they were prefect almost since the first moment we saw them together. Last August, Jeffrey went across the country to California to attend seminary. Maryfrances feared he was gone forever, but the rest of us strongly suspected he would be back. We were all wild with excitement when we found out he had finally (!) asked to court her. Two short months later he proposed to her and was gladly accepted. They married on June 11, 2011 at a camp near her house.

Maryfrances' loving mother looking on. 

Brides can have so much fun with their shoes!

A month before the wedding Maryfrances and her sister, Alyson-Grace, decided to hand tat the lace for her veil. It was a beautiful touch both aesthetically and emotionally. 

For her hair all Maryfrances did was wash her hair and go to bed with it wet the night before, and woke up with her hair looking like this, it took her 10 seconds to pin back her hair. I'm pretty sure this is the easiest and one of the prettiest ways to do your hair on your wedding day. 

Long veils provide lots of fun creative shots. 

I think she's just lovely!

Her grandmother did not like having her picture taken but I think this is a wonderful picture. 

Flower girl kisses.

The handsome groom. 

We hid the bride in a room that had a window looking out at the guests arriving. We had fun seeing who had come and what they were wearing. 

Flower petals make kisses so romantic. :)

Maryfrances and her little brothers. 

During the reception they had English Country dancing to top off the wonderful day. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these beautiful photos - I was unable to attend the wedding, and I am sitting her just weeping looking at the photos I am so happy for them! - Jan

Jacqueline said...

Her dress was so lovely and the pictures were beautiful! Great photography skills!

Anna said...

Thank you, she bought the dress, then I helped her hem it, put the lace in, make a bustle, and put the covered buttons on. I just realized our blog backgrounds are the same. :)



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